Tatiana Shaforostova — professional Belly Dancer

I — Tatiana Shaforostova, a professional dancer of belly dance, teach master classes around the world on various styles of Belly dance and is ready to cooperate with colleagues, musicians and organizers of festivals, etc.

Today I am:
— Head of the Dance Centre «SuperStar» (Odessa, Ukraine)
— Choreographer
— The coach of world champions in belly dancing
— Judge of the highest category, designer costumes
— World Champion in 2011 in the category of People’s folklore BellyDance according to the International Dance Organization (IDO).

Short bio
I — dancer, choreographer, worked a lot with young children (classical, folk, pop dance). In 90 years, continued to work in the fitness system with adults, seriously fascinated by dance Oriental. And so began a long way of learning the art of belly dance. First there was the Ukraine, then Russia, Egypt, and many hours of grueling training with the best artists in the world. Thus, by 2005, had formed their own club Oriental Dance. I am a member of the International Dance Organization (IDO). Over the years of teaching my students to become champions and prize-winners in the rating and international competitions, World Cup winner in children and adults in the categories classic Belly dance, folk People, Show Belly dance.
I have worked and conducted master classes in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Germany, Crete. My performances you can see on my YouTube channel

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